Warranty & Tech Support – How Does it Work?

Warranty & Tech Support

Venom products purchased through Shop Venom come with global warranty and technical support. Tech support is provided through our help desk (www.venomhelpdesk.com). If the issue is still not resolved it will be escalated to team viewer support where a Venom support specialist will remotely login to your computer with your approval and try to diagnose your problem remotely. If required we may call you directly, and in the event the issue cannot be resolved in this manner, the computer will be picked up by courier and returned to one of our global service centres free of charge*(learn more) and then returned to you.

Our systems are designed to not fail in the first place and the support mechanism is there in the unlikely event that it does. Every Venom BlackBook comes with a USB recovery drive so in the event your computer was corrupted or the drives compromised, your recovery image is external and not on the built in drive. This allows you to be up and running within 10-15 minutes.

The warranty commences from the time you receive your order.

Lookup Venom Care Warranty to review your Venom warranty status, technical support coverage, and Venom Extended Care eligibility.