Warranty & Tech Support – How Does it Work?

Warranty & Tech Support

1 Warranty Overview

Every BlackBook purchased through shopvenom.com comes with a global warranty. In the unlikely event that you need your BlackBook repaired, Venom will pick up, repair and return your BlackBook to you free of charge. We use the same no cost, high speed courier that delivered your BlackBook to you when you initially made your purchase. Yes this is not typical, we really do back our products.

2 Technical Support Overview

Venom products purchased through Shop Venom come with global warranty and complimentary technical support. Tech support is provided through our dedicated help desk (www.venomhelpdesk.com).
You are immediately assigned a Venom specialist to provide you with a written step by step solution accompanied with in-depth information and links that you as the end user can utilise in a way that is best suited to you. We have been doing this a long time, we build our computers to have the least amount of problems as possible. We know that if we don’t hear from you, we are doing a great job. Your assigned specialist will continue to help you through your issue as we know that your issue may not be a straight forward fix, we can always come back to your ticket at a later time, this helps with resolving technical problems that may not be immediately solvable. The Venom support specialist assisting may also call you, if of course it’s needed and it’s going to help. It is all about outcomes. Not all technical problems are the same and every response is going to be different, the important thing here is to solve your problem. If the issue is still not resolved it will be escalated to remote access support where another Venom support specialist or the same specialist will remotely login to your computer with your approval and permission and try to diagnose and fix your problem remotely. If required we may call you directly again and in the event the issue cannot be resolved in this manner, your BlackBook will scheduled to be picked up by the same high speed courier and returned to one of our global service centres free of charge*(learn more) and then returned to you, free of charge again. We can afford to do this, because we do not need to do it often.
Our systems are designed to not fail in the first place and the support mechanism is there in the unlikely event that it does. Every Venom BlackBook comes with a USB recovery drive so in the event your computer was corrupted or the drives compromised, your recovery image is external and not on the built in drive. This allows for you to be up and running within 5-15 minutes in the most inconvenient location or time. More than 80% of support related queries are resolved with this provided feature.

2.1 How Long Will Venom Provide Technical Support?

Full technical support is provided for the duration of the period for which you are covered by warranty.
In relation to general support, as long as your BlackBook is functioning for its intended purpose, we will continue to help you via venomhelpdesk.com, past your warranted period.

3 How Long is a Venom Warranty?

At Venom we believe every BlackBook should last a fair and reasonable amount of time. What does that mean?
That means, that if a BlackBook is used properly, used for its intended use, kept clean, it should last a long time, so if it has not been dropped or damaged, typically we honor the warranty for any BlackBook for 3 years, excluding the battery as batteries are consumable and with time will deplete.
Every BlackBook is serviceable, we do not use glue for example to hold in our batteries, they can easily be accessed by removing the back cover and taking some screws out to be swapped over. Our SSD is also not proprietary or soldered, they can be swapped out. It really is about long term ownership. It is also part of the reason why the average BlackBook ownership is 5 years. Did you know we also have a trade in program? BlackBooks in general tend to avoid being downcycled or ending up as landfill. Contact us about trading in your working, up to 7 year old BlackBook.

3.1 Do you offer extended Warranty?

We do not offer extended warranties, because we believe that we are not adding anything different to the computer at the time of sale for the computer to last longer than what a normal purchase would last. If for example you bought a BlackBook with or without the extended warranty, you would be getting the exact same hardware regardless. This means the customer buying an extended warranty is paying extra for something they are not actually buying. We believe this is a little dishonest, its also why every BlackBook is warranted for a fair and reasonable amount of time as explained above. Yes we do do things very differently.

3.2 When Does my warranty start?

The warranty commences from the time you receive your order.

3.3 Can I check my warranty status?

Lookup Venom Care Warranty to review your Venom warranty status, technical support coverage, and Venom Extended Care eligibility.

3.4 How Does the Warranty Process Work?

The way our warranty works is as follows.
In the event that you need for us to repair your BlackBook, you do not need to send it anywhere.
We will pick this up from you via DHL free of charge, repair it, and then return it to you free of charge.
The service location will vary depending on the load at the time.
All service enquiries and tickets are raised via venomhelpdesk.com
When you receive your BlackBook, you will be prompted to register with venomhelpdesk.com
Once registered if you have any problems, you simply open a ticket there, and an assigned Venom specialist will either advise on what to do with written instructions, call you, or remotely access your computer.
If this doesn’t work, we will pick it up from you. We design our machines to have the least amount of problems to begin with. This minimizes your need in getting support. This does not mean it does not happen, but the goal is to try to ensure you have as least amount of problems as possible, hence this is also why we can afford to provide you with a pick up and return warranty.

3.5 Returns & Refunds

We believe you will be impressed with the products you purchase from shopvenom.com. That’s because we design and build BlackBooks the way that should be made, really well. They are made to perform just the way you need. We understand, however, that sometimes a product may not be what you expected it to be.

That is why for any undamaged product, simply return it with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt (or gift receipt) and original packaging within 14 days of the date you receive the product and we’ll exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method. We will only remit refunds to the bank account where the name of the bank account holder matches the payor’s name/information within the same country in which they were originally purchased or reverse the original transaction if possible at our discretion. To request a return please open a ticket on venomhelpdesk.com

Lookup Venom Care Warranty to review your Venom warranty status, technical support coverage, and Venom Extended Care eligibility.