What’s In It

What’s In It

Each and every component that goes into a Venom product is carefully designed, manufactured and selected for a specific purpose.  We ensure these high quality components are the same components regardless of which region in the world they are sold in. This ensures all Venom users have the same positive experience and quality assurance worldwide.



When RAM is manufactured, even more so than any other component, any given batch will give a low yield of high quality memory. All Venom computers use this low yield manufactured, high quality memory. Our size allows for us to be very careful when sourcing and manufacturing only the best memory. Using high grade memory will ensure your computer runs reliably and fast – all the time. Low grade or standard grade memory can be the cause for numerous issues computer users have to face, from poor performance to instability. Others may deem RAM as just one of the basics, whereas we know that every bit matters.

Dual Storage Design

We love the dual storage design in our Venom BlackBooks. This is what allows our users to have the best; super fast SSD to run Windows and applications, and a secondary SSD that can be used for data backups, your actual application files and to store larger media files, such as music, videos, and pictures, without the need for carting around a portable hard drive. No longer do you have to rely on your cloud storage or backup which depends on your internet connection. There is no need to compromise and choose one over the other. Venom BlackBooks have both. Never settle for less.


We want to ensure that we provide Venom BlackBook users with the most reliable and fastest SSD drives commercially available. This is why we use specific, specially manufactured OEM drives, made under instruction by brands such as Samsung and Intel, for our SSDs. Each and every Venom BlackBook has a design-specific high speed, equally reliable SSD. Anybody can be fast once, we aim to be fast always.


We only source Intel branded wireless cards for Venom BlackBooks. Intel is an industry leader not only for CPUs, but also for making wireless adapters for computers. You can rest assured with your BlackBook that you have a quality wireless card to ensure you have the best wireless internet experience possible. Seamless driver updates and compatibility as well as a strong stable connection is not a choice, but the Venom standard.


As with RAM, screen manufacturing can only deliver a certain yield of high quality panels.  As a minimum standard each Venom BlackBook will only have a Full HD resolution screen (or higher) with vibrant colours and strong contrasts. Pixel density is only one aspect of the panel selection process. Colour saturation, contrasts, viewing angles, brightness, and responsiveness all have an equal part. We pride in ensuring Venom users have the best visual experience.

Sound and Speakers

Great sound to us is a must have with any Venom BlackBook. Where possible we will aim to use a boom box speaker design and supply speakers from brands such as Onkyo to ensure our users have the best audio experience. One of our major suppliers for sound cards is Creative.


We always provide an external physical media drive to ensure you can restore your Venom BlackBook to its original factory settings in 5-10 minutes. This ensures not having stressful nights of trying to restore a computer using an embedded software recovery solution. No more 6am recoveries.


We believe your computer is only as good as the connectivity options it has. Our Venom BlackBooks will all have the optimum levels of connectivity, ensuring we give our users as many USB ports, external display ports, and networking ports a particular design is able to have.


We ensure our factory installed version of Windows put on our systems have no bloatware, are optimised, and fine-tuned for performance. Speed, practicality and the best user experience in the Windows environment is our promise to you. Windows is better on Venom.

Processor and Graphics

Our processors are only sourced from the industry leader Intel and only the fastest variants available for a particular design will be used in our BlackBooks. Our graphics cards, if intended for 3D modelling or animation, are again sourced from the industry leader nVidia.


We only use high quality materials for the casing and chassis of our Venom BlackBooks. This may be a fully brushed aluminium design, magnesium alloy, rubberised durable stealth black casing or a blend of reinforced ABS plastic. The feel, comfort, aesthetics, performance and reliability are all major considerations when designing and manufacturing a Venom BlackBook chassis. The material used will depend on purpose and intended outcome only.

Quality, Reliability & Performance is built into every Venom BlackBook